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NVC Role Playing Example Animations by Scotter
Parenting with NVC:

A couple butting heads about what activity to do together. She wants to go out and he wants to stay in. 

4-minutes cartoon of dejected and lonely little girl who journeys far from Austin to find the Garbo Fairy. She learns lessons in empathy and compassion to bring beauty from within

Sassy Strummer wants to spend time with Drummer Boy out on the town. He wants alone time with his music. She gets angry and pushes for her way. He shows empathy...
(PG-13, 3 minutes)

"How to Deal with People Always Late"
Napolean Late to Waterloo
Understanding the needs underlying a person always showing up late. (PG, 1.5 minutes)


"If You Loved Me You Would Spend More Time With Me"
Lessons about alternatives to compromise, how to handle guilt trips, etc. Learn to stand up for your needs without attacking or defending. (rated PG, version 2: 2011-06-10, 9 min)

A couple deals with jealousy and it turns into a music video:
Stop Staring At That Other Woman
Sequel to "If You Loved Me You Would Spend More Time With Me". How to deal with jealousy in marriage and other love relationships. You can see more here about dealing with jealousy in relationships. (rated PG - 3.5 min)

"What do you want to do tonight?" - A quick lesson in the use of focusing on needs in order to resolve conflict and get everyone's needs met.
(rated PG, 4 min)


"My Life for Yours - Dealing with Death - Parenting with NVC" - Parent practices empathetic listening to help grieving child mourn and learn about personal choice(Rated PG, 2 min)

"Hide Your Fear, Little Boy"
Example of how to parent if you want to perpetuate the cycle of humans who do not recognize or express feelings and needs.
(Rated PG, 2 min)

"If you keep eating like that, you will get fat and no one will love you!" (Rated PG, 2 min)


Manager/worker conflict over project feature creep, time, and money.
"Business Communication Challenges: Feature Creep or How to Deal with Workers using Nonviolent Communication"

(3 min)

NVC in the workplace:
"Your work is substandard..."
How to deal with a careless worker(rated PG, 2 min)

NVC in the workplace:
"You are always late..."
Understanding the need underlying someone showing up chronically late.
(3 min)  


Below here not produced by OceanMedia:

Marshall Rosenberg: The Basics of Nonviolent Communication:
Part 1.1 Part 1.2 Part 1.3
Part 1.4 Part 1.5 Part 1.6
Part 2.1 and so on
About love as a need, not a feeling: Part 2.2
Conflict resolution examples: Part 3.4

Katie Testa and Laurent Rumpler talk about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Relationships

Marshall Rosenberg October 2011 Interview

Relationship role play videos by Newt Bailey

Compassionate Communication: The Aphrodisiac of Intimacy w/ Scott Catamas
Part 1:Self Love
Part 2:Asking for what you want, etc.

Multi-part TV interview with trainer Shantigarbha (part 2 has a puppet role play. Each part is 3-5 minutes long)

Communicating with People Stuck In Blame & judgement by Rachelle Lamb (2 min. video)

These videos and more can be ordered from CNVC.

The videos above here are the best.

(posted 2/16/2010):
Video from DCNVC. I recommend watching it from the 3 minute marker to the end.

(posted 2/1/2010):

A Relationship "Argument" Role Played - watched in group on 2/15/2010

Toilet Seat Argument Role Played

Parenting with NVC
Parenting with NVC part 2
Awesome short listening skit
Another short skit on dealing w/kid

Marshall Rosenberg talking and doing some role playing

Part 1: - watched in group on 2/15/2010
Part 2:
Part 3:
Role Playing:

Paula Gloria Interviews Marshall Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
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Philosophical & Political Animated Skits by Scotter
(not necessarily/always using NVC but making a point in support of voluntaryism):
War on Diversity, Now with color sensitive White Privilege! 
A satirical animated trip into the near future. President Hillary Clinton makes an appearance on the David Letterman Show. 
Homies share crazy rumors with Old Man Bob that on the outside, you could get food from the dirt and water from the sky. (rated PG-13, not NVC)

Little girl talks about Obama with a man at the airport. They talk about the economy, unemployment, civil rights, and war. (rated PG, not NVC, 6 minutes)
Abortion & Racism discussed by two friends with opposing points of view. (Uses NVC. Rated PG except word "vagina" is used)
Satire skit on liberty. Jesus in jail for speaking on love in the park. Jesus uses some NVC. (rated PG, 3 min)
Comedy skit/commercial where "semi-NVC" is being used to deflect verbal attacks. 
Clowning Around the Issues
Education in America, National Defense, and Discrimination. 

"Angry Paranoid Girl - Episode 1"
Comedy poking fun at conspiracy/ doom theorists. No use of NVC in this. (rated R, 2.5 min)

"Lonely Girl & Kiss Cat, Scene 1"
Fun little skit with one woman telling her conservative friend about a date. (How to deal with loneliness) Based on concepts from the book Nonviolent Communication (NVC). (rated R, 5.5 min)

"Solution To Everything"
An answer to "Occupy Wall Street" Rough version 1. Working on version 2(5 min)

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