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Scott Swain has studied and taught Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2005 and 2006, respectively. Teaching, study, speaking, and mediation experience includes:
Attended Six-week NVC course by Pat Siebert - 2005;
Participated in numerous NVC practice groups;
Twelve years facilitating free NVC practice groups;
Ten years teaching NVC in a class format, from a 13 week class to weekend classes to one day classes to talks and one hour intros;
One week teaching to 11 to 13 year olds at Khabele School in Austin;
5 months practicing, training, and demonstrating NVC use to teachers and 3 to 12 year olds at Childrens Discovery Center in Austin;
Motivational speaking and public speaking at business, parenting, and relationship building events;
Trained staff at Active Life Healing Center in use of NVC to improve inner-office and doctor-patient relationships - 2011;
Trained negotiators and other staff at National Contract Management Association in use of NVC for negotiation and conflict resolution - 2012;
Led "Empower Your Communication" class at Rethinking Everything Conference, Dallas - 2013;
Business mediation between Voice & Exit and LightFaktor - 2014; 
"NVC in Business: Its TimeHas Come" - NVC Academy 4-day course - 2014;
Assisting couples and families in resolving conflicts and deepening communication in the home; and
Ongoing course for Zaaz's customer service department.
Scott has written many articles on NVC use, both philosophical and practical; created numerous animations as training materials; and is currently writing a book called Practical Empathy.
Scott's latest articles can be found here:

"I'm seeing how thought influences words influences thought; a powerful virtuous circle that will increase insight, empathy, courage, inner strength, and peace. For example, if you even just practice leaving out words/phrases that serve moral judgment, eventually, it seeps into your way of thinking and you become less morally judgmental! At least in test mice.

Seriously: Putting NVC into practice in your life, you will begin to find yourself listening to people on an entirely different level. It will become automatic to more often really hear what people are saying [actually the values/needs underneath their words] to the point where there is no little voice in your head giving a constant commentary or thinking about what you are going to say.
You will find yourself more often feeling like you can read minds, often knowing what people are going to say before they say it. Your connections with people will go deeper, with more trust, understanding, and respect. virtuous circle that will increase your sense of courage, inner strength, and peace."
Scott at VnE-2016
Acapulco Emotional Intelligence meetup group founded by Scott Swain
Acapulco Emotional Intelligence meetup group founded by Scott Swain
Austin Emotional Intelligence meetup group founded by Scott Swain
 Contact Scott Swain for mediation and Emotional Intelligence Tools training for business, love, and parenting.