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Liberate Your Life
Articles based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Avoid the trap of moral judgements. Increase empathy, connection, and awareness by using value judgements instead.

...the best way for any one person to have an effect is to begin by shifting how they treat others. 
Whether you call them "labels," "moralistic judgements," or "assumptions of universal truth," they are common in many cultures. If you listen carefully, you will hear them in most conversations.
NVC and Murder. How do we deal with "criminals" without resorting to coercion? 

Acts of GenerosityThe most natural thing for humans is to give from the heart. Voluntaryism can work.

Change the World - Step 1: Occupy your heart


Transactional Analysis - complimentary to NVC. 

We are meaning making machines
Great food for thought!

What motivates people
Fun animation that posits a surprising theory. What motivates us? Not money but:
- Purpose
- Recognition
- Autonomy

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Condensed List of Needs/Values
List of Feelings - we have when our needs are not being met (from the book)

Marshall Rosenberg on We Are Responsible for our Feelings.

Socrates on Gossip

Does your mother treat you like a child?

Useful NVC sayings

How to better enjoy family members during the holidays

Liberate Your World
Articles on Liberty and the Voluntaryist Political Philosophy

War on Diversity, now color enhanced with White Privilege!





What Anarchy Is Not by Larken Rose 
Health Care: 

"What can one person do?"
Save the World. Hint: it begins with the children: "Stop Crying" - or - Compassionate Parenting Creates Peace & Prosperity

Step 1: Identify the problem 
Step 2: Realize there are safe & effective alternatives to government

Step 3: Shift your language in a way that empowers you and everyone around you:

Ever evolving:
More political/philosophical:



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